L’hélicoptère grec AH-64 Apache s’écrase, les pilotent survivent


L’hélicoptère participait dans un exercice militaire “SARISA 2016” et s’est écrasé le 20 septembre 2016 vers 9h du matin près de Vrasna, Thessalonique. Cela a été rapporté par Sigma Live.

La CNN grecque a informé que les deux pilotes présents au bord ont survécu.

Les exercices SARISA 2016 en coopération avec les Etats-Unis ont débuté ce lundi et doivent continue jusqu’à vendredi. Cependant il n’est pas claire si les exercices vont continuer ou pas.

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  • Harald Forkbeard

    Typical attempt to rewrite history. The fact is no one knew of Ukraine until the 19th century.

    Ruthenia, yes. Ukraine? No such thing.

    Also, a pathetic attempt to invent Ukraine going back to Kievan Rus. Kievan Rus was a proto-slavic state that fell apart at the hands of Mongols in 13th century.

    The fact remains that modern Ukraine has only existed since 1991. It comprises dichotomous parts that share little culturally or historically. We see the consequences of ignoring this in today’s conflict between the East and the West of Ukraine.

    Ignore this fact at your own peril.

    • Normally I do not reply to such anti-Ukraine biased comments. I do not know what’s your major and what do you do in your life, but you definitely didn’t check the sources.

      Concerning the name Ukraine you are welcomed to check the Primary Chronicles and maps from 17 century and you will see it with your own eyes.

      Indeed, the Kyivan Rus was a proto-Slavic state as you write in 9-10 centuries, but in 11-12 centuries was pretty much formed in a modern (at that date) state with Christian religion, and monarchs with dynastic connections to as far as France. Moreover, the dissolution of the Kyivan Rus was rather due to the succession system (Gavelkind), where the lands are divided among all sons in contrary to the Primogeniture system, where the eldest son inherits all lands. And definitely the Mongols did their job. To be precise, Ukraine’s line goes like this: Kyivan Rus >> Kingdom of Galicia-Volhynia >> Grand Duchy of Lithuania [Ruthenia and Samogotia] >> Cossack State >> Ukrainian People’s Republic >> Soviet Ukraine >> Ukraine after 1991.

      The language spoken in the Kyivan Rus (on Ukrainian and part of Belarusian lands) resembled pretty much to Ukrainian, while the Old Bulgarian (often called Old Church Slavonic) was used in the Church and in the state affairs, like Latin in the western Europe. For the language reference you may check the “Leksys” (dictionary) by Lavrentiy Zyzaniya (“Лексис” Лаврентій Зизанія), where he translate from Old Church Slavonic towards Ruthenian (old Ukrainian) language, which also means that people didn’t speak the Old Church Slavonic on the streets in Ukraine.

      Concerning the today’s events there is some truth in your words, since it also touches the history. According to the Census in the Russian Empire (1897), you’ll see that in Tavria governorate (Crimea) there were 404463 Russians, 611121 Ukrainians, 196854 Tatars, 78305 Germans etc. If you check the Kharkiv governorate you’ll see that there were 440936 Russians, 2009411 Ukrainians, 12650 Jews etc. When Ukraine was conquered and forced into the USSR there were 3 famines on Ukrainian soil, where 2 of them can be explained by the aftermath of wars, but the one orchestrated by Stalin in 1932-1933 has no explanation but only a genocide, where from 3 mln (the modest) to 10-12 millions of Ukrainians died. They placed were taken by Russians. Moreover, the USSR had the policy of forceful migration, which means Ukrainians were sent to Siberia, Kazakhstan etc, while Russian were sent to Ukraine. But that’s only a part of story, the other part is that Russian terrorists and even Russian regular army invaded Ukraine and fights now against Ukrainian army. When they occupied Crimea, only around 35% voted on the illegal and referendum in favor of Russia, while this figure disappeared from the official Russian sites.

      Meantime, Russia, who claims to be the successor of the Kyivan Rus, got this name only at the beginning of 18 century and previously was known as Moscovia or Tartaria. The Vladimir-Suzdal and later Muscovy dukes fought side-by-side with Mongols against Ruthenians (Ukrainians), and even married with the Mongol leadership daughters, while Ukrainian kings and dukes married with Europeans.

      The only reason why Muscovy changed its name to Russia is just to be associated with the Rus and to have “claim” on Ukrainian, Belarusian etc lands. The same “historical” context they are using now, inspite of all international and bilateral treaties Russia signed and later violated.

      So, here are the facts, but what you say is just words based on your own Ukrainophobic and Russocentrist mind.

      PS. Read some books, check out the ancient sources, write an article about that, go get some degree, and later get back to me with your comments. Cheers.

      • Andro

        “The Vladimir-Suzdal and later Muscovy dukes fought side-by-side with
        Mongols against Ruthenians (Ukrainians), and even married with the
        Mongol leadership daughters, while Ukrainian kings and dukes married
        with Europeans.”

        This comment smells racism !
        Be aware that in West Europe, we don’t care about racial origins. Your people was mixed with slavic, scandinavian, tatars – mongols, turkish, germanic, greek origins. And if your country reaches the European Union, you will be more mixed again. And that’s great.

        • You got it wrong. It has nothing to do with racism, it is about the historical accuracy and political culture.

          • Владимир Владимирович

            Бредуны бандеровские, Пишут отсебятину, потом друг на друга ссылаются, как на первоисточник.

  • Excellent article. The typical technique of trolls is to dismiss inconvenient facts briefly without supplying any alternative. Simple primitive “thought pollution”. They are part of the Kremlin’s “Useful idiot” apparatus in the current information war. What is sinister is that some of them don’t even know they are doing it. (Herald, if you are the latter, watch Yuri Besmenov on how the KGB brainwashed the west http://youtu.be/e53diZ0vboM. I once read a book in Ukrainian on basic criminology that my late Father gave me. Lies are full of contradictions. Truths can’t be. One lie that sticks out like a sore thumb in Russia’s propagandist version of history is how it claims its “Orthodoxy” from Prince Volodymyr’s baptism of Kyiv in 988 which often makes my north London Greek & Cypriot friends laugh out loud as even they know the Orthodox – Catholic split didn’t occur until 1054. Volodymyr the Great in fact adopted a church from Byzantium still unified with Rome at that point although Eastern in ritual. “So Russians think they have an older Orthodox church than us Greeks do they?”. I don’t even have to answer that, I just bat it to the trolls to deal with, which of course, they can’t. Its a contradiction in the script they follow, a glitch, and one of many. Thank you again Denys. Brilliant! I will share this article far and wide. Stepan http://www.ukrainians.org.uk

    • Thank you, Stepan, for a positive feedback! Unfortunately the article is far from being complete, but it is barely impossible to write about all aspects in a short article.

  • Roman Kozak New Venture

    Ukraine is The Heartland of the Kyivan Rus . Look the History of the Geographycal historical migration since 988 – 1888 . Look the Graduality of the Founding the main and Capital Cities .. . Kyiv its the Capital of the Ukraine and had been founded by the King Igor as the Capital of the Kyivan Russ . Our’s History are keeping not in the “Internet articles” but through the ages in Stone Songs and Historical scripts Signed by the hands of the Kings in-persons. The National Ukrainian Simbols and Simbol of the Kyivan Russ are identical its Trident – through the indentic of the Nation. The every Ukrainian famelies and the all denasties are keeping throug the centuries the memory and the Heritage of the GreatState. The western scientists are offten on the ground zero and under the Influence of the artificialy created the RussianbinUSSR historical propaganda . Ukraine as the Everlasting Kingdom Nation during Thousand years of their History and Legendary are keeping the Legacy of the KyivanRus .